Mikel Landa finishes first Tour de France as only team manager on a high note


Mikel Landa’s first Tour de France with his new team, Bahrain McLaren, ended on a high note during stage 20 against the clock of La Planche des Belles Filles. The Spaniard finished 14th that day and took advantage of Miguel Ángel López d’Astana’s sad race to climb to fourth place overall a day before the race final in Paris.The 30-year-old has always been a bad time trial, a trait that cost him dearly at Grand Tours. At last year’s Giro d’Italia he fell from day three to day four on the last day of the TT in Verona, during the 2018 Tour he lost a place to seventh place in Espelette, while ‘at the 2015 Giro, he lost four minutes against the final winner Alberto Contador, finishing 3:05 in Milan.


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