Mike Pence removes tweet praising Trump on coronavirus as US death toll nears 192,000


Vice President Mike Pence appears to have deleted a tweet praising Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak amid an outcry over the President’s comments in recorded conversations with reporter Bob Woodward that contradicted what he told the audience.

The message was released at 11:11 a.m.ET Thursday morning, the same day that the official coronavirus death toll in the United States approached 192,000. At least 6.4 million Americans have contracted the virus. Both figures are based on data compiled and analyzed by Johns Hopkins University.

The president, at a press conference Thursday afternoon, made the same remark about shutting down the U.S. economy this spring to help slow the spread of the new virus.

But he also swore, as long as he is president, that there will be no more closures due to the coronavirus.

“We are no longer doing closures. We have closed and now we are opening, and there will be no more closures, ”Mr. Trump said. “There might be a small section, a small section, where you have a breakout, but we’re not talking about stops like they spoke, according to experts. We are not going to do that. “

The deletion of the Vice President’s tweet came on the second consecutive day for the President and his team denying that he told Mr Woodward in early February that the coronavirus was a “deadly substance” and had been transmitted among humans by air while ‘he publicly downplayed his seriousness – and dismissed any need to wear masks.

“There is no lie here. What we do is we lead, “Trump shook after telling ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl that his question about why the president told his country a” lie “was a “Terrible question” and the journalist is a “shame” for his employer.

“If he thought it was a bad statement, he would have reported it,” Mr. Trump said, referring to Mr. Woodward. “No one thought it was bad. But many Democratic officials think so.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden this week called it a “breach” of the president’s duty. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters “Trump lied and people died.”

After the audio tapes were released by Mr. Woodward with the President admitting “I’ve always wanted to play it down,” Biden called it a “life or death betrayal” of the American people. The president claims he was just trying to keep the country “calm”.


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