Mexican police confront pro-abortion protesters


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Mexico (AFP)

Hundreds of women marched through the Mexican capital on Monday to demand the legalization of abortion nationwide, which led to clashes with police who blocked their way.

Protesters gathered near the historic center of the capital to go to the central square, but were stopped by police officers with shields, AFP journalists reported.

Police used pepper spray on protesters who sprayed paint along the route of the march to mark International Safe Abortion Day.

Some police officers were slightly injured, Mexico City official Arturo Medina said on local television.

Protesters want abortion, which is only allowed in the Mexican capital and the southwestern state of Oaxaca, to be decriminalized across the nation of 128 million people.

Mexican feminist groups have begun to take a tougher stance in the face of growing violence against women.

Ten women are murdered every day in Mexico, according to official figures, and many crimes go unpunished.


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