Meghan Markle Drops Huge Clue That She Is ‘So Happy’ To Be Away From UK With Prince Harry In US | Royal | News


Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie have argued that Meghan Markle may have left a message for fans on her last Zoom call. Following the first anniversary of Meghan’s patronage of the SmartWorks charity, the Duchess celebrated this with a Zoom appeal to three clients. Royal commentators noted that a work of art in the background revealed that Meghan loved being back at her home in Los Angeles.

Ms Bowie said: ‘What I liked the most was a look at Meghan’s Zoom setup.“On the mantle was a very punchy piece of art, the I Love You California bear print on the mantel. ”

Ms Fiorito agreed and said it was clear Meghan enjoyed being back home.

She added: “I feel like Meghan is so happy to be home.

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“I saw somewhere that it was actually a signed copy.

“This is an original and is taken from the California State Anthem sheet music.

“I really loved it and I think it was a collector’s item.

“I think she paid a pretty penny for it, to get a signed copy.

“Not that they’re not there, but sometimes you need someone to point them out to you.”

“Women who volunteer at Smart Works, especially with the mentoring program, don’t report something that isn’t there.

“They see it in you for the first time. I think it is essential.


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