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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry were previously valued at $ 1million (£ 774,132) per appearance, according to a leaked document. But an events manager has claimed that the Sussexes’ contractual demands may deter potential clients from booking the couple for future events.

The royal couple signed up with New York-based speakers bureau Harry Walker Agency (HWA) in June.The leaked four-page document titled “Virtual Event Request Form” would ask event organizers to itemize fees and complete sponsorship information.

The head of international events told The Sun he found it “fascinating” that the requirements were similar to those imposed by the royal family when attending events.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their posts as senior royals earlier this year.

The source said many organizations that may wish to book the Sussexes for an event will “raise eyebrows” at the scrutiny they demand.

He added: “Harry and Meghan’s coming to the speaker circuit is certainly as important as President Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Both are fascinating, uniquely experienced individuals with wide reach who would have been of huge draw to a live audience before COVID.

“So back then the numbers between $ 750,000 and $ 1 million seemed high, but possible. “

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The document leaked by the Sussex agency reportedly asked for information on the “login format” that will be used during an event and details on contingency plans in the event of a technical failure.

The royal couple would also like to have the final say on who presents and moderates their speeches at the events they attend.

The source said: “The contract documents seem to indicate that the speakers have full control of the client’s event. It certainly raises eyebrows and will turn off many large potential companies.

“Few clients like to invite talent over as featured guests, who can be thought of as organizing their event and telling them what to do. “

The events manager also explained that requests from the Sussexes are rare for 99% of industry speakers.

He warned that many organizations that are willing to pay the full million dollars “will not like to be directed on how to run their events and who will speak.”

He added, “No speaker or paid guest, in my experience, has ever been allowed to have approval for every aspect of a corporate event, including past US presidents.

“Surveying sponsors and businesses for the Sussexes makes sense given how particular they are on issues such as the environment, equality and child poverty.

“Another key point is that their interest in the financial and fundraising side of charitable causes is smart. The last thing they want to be associated with is an event, which doesn’t work out. “

The source expects 90% of opportunities to pass “once their talking brand hits its peak.”


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