Meet the teacher considered the most tattooed man in France


He is believed to be the most tattooed man in France.Sylvain, 35, a schoolteacher from Essonne, south of Paris, spent nearly € 60,000 getting his body covered with drawings.

He has tattoos on his face and his skull. He even has black ink in the whites of his eyes.

“It’s torture, you keep your eye wide open, you can feel the needle go through it,” Sylvain said. “We don’t know if it’s going to be okay. That’s why I tell people, “don’t do it”. But I felt incomplete. ”

He insists tattoos aren’t a problem for the kids he teaches, ages six to 11.

“I always cause a moment of amazement in children and parents. But when I introduce myself and they see that I am a teacher like any other, everything goes well, ”he said.

“The children who see me learn tolerance and respect for others. When they are adults, it is more likely that they are not racist, homophobic.


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