MDMA pills from France with derogatory sign “ACAB” seized in Chennai, valued at $ 5,445, India News News


In a first, Chennai Air customs officers seized synthetic drug tablets from France. Based on the intelligence, officials detained a postage package suspected of containing narcotics, which arrived from the foreign post office. Upon examination, it was found to contain MDMA tablets worth 4 lakhs of rupees.The package, which contained a plastic pouch, contained pink tablets suspected of being MDMA, a narcotic substance. This particular variant of the tablet is known as “ACAB Pig”. ACAB is an acronym for a derogatory term and is used as a slogan used in protests, graffiti, tattoos, and other images. The pills themselves were shaped like a cartoon pig. Senior officials said this was the first time this variant of MDMA pills has been seized, also in France.

Reports from the UK say authorities are urging the public to be more careful with these cartoon-shaped pills. This is done because children can stumble upon the harmful substances by accident and consume them by treating them as sweets. There have been many cases where such cartoon-shaped pills have been seized in various countries.

130 MDMA tablets worth $ 5,445 or Rs 4 lakhs were recovered and seized under the NDPS Act of 1985. The seized tablets contain approximately 250 mg of MDMA, which is a very high dose. The package arrived from Poulainville, a city in northern France, and was shipped to an address in the city of Chennai. Searches in the apartment were unsuccessful as the apartment was locked and has reportedly been unoccupied since the lockdown.


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