McLaren headquarters is for sale


McLaren’s huge campus is built into a man-made lake, contains the company’s entire archived collection of Formula 1 and road cars, and served as the backdrop for a sequence in 2019. Hobbs and Shaw. It’s an iconic piece of McLaren’s modern legacy, the hub from which they’ve grown from a Formula 1 team to a full-scale automaker. It is also for sale.

The campus, including the iconic McLaren Technology Center, was made available at a cost of around £ 200million as part of the team’s continued attempts to liquefy their assets and ensure continued business operations during the pandemic. If sold, the company then plans to immediately lease the property to the buyer, effectively shifting from owners of their own highly specialized campuses to tenants. The team has confirmed that any potential change in ownership will have no effect on day-to-day operations.

In addition to the sale, McLaren has already secured £ 150million from Bahrain’s National Bank and restructured thousands of jobs. Other cost-cutting measures could follow, but it is more likely that further financial gaps will be addressed through an additional round of fundraising.

Via Ville AM

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