Matt Hardy Tackles Injuries Caused By AEW Dynamite (Clip)


Matt Hardy appeared on tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite and addressed his injury at AEW All Out. As previously reported, Hardy suffered an injury in his Broken Rules match against Sammy6 Guevara when he and Guevara exited an elevator, intending to go through two tables. Hardy missed the first completely and seemed to bang his head against the concrete. While the match was initially abandoned, a few minutes later the match resumed and Hardy claimed the victory.During the appearance, Hardy referred to his “frightening fall”, saying he wanted to thank the fans in the arena and those watching at home. He noted that he knew it had scared a lot of people and said he would make a full recovery. He thanked his family, along with his wife Reby, and apologized for putting them through this.

Hardy concluded that after several tests he would recover to 100% and that he was lucky. He said he would regain his health but would come back and go after the AEW World Championship when he returned.


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