Match price of Bayern’s 4-1 defeat at Hoffenheim


Over the past few seasons, Hoffenheim appear to be the team that visits Bayern Munich the most. Today, a perfect storm of tired Bayern players and a motivated Hoffenheim side led to an embarrassing loss for Bayern. After a dream start for Hoffenheim, Bayern found themselves 2-0. An incredible goal before half-time gave Rekordmeister some hope, but Bayern were unable to find the back of the net in the second half. Here are our match rewards.

Jersey exchange: Andrej Krameric

The 29-year-old Croatian striker was a thorn alongside Bayern tonight. He was dangerous every time he had the ball. He probably deserved a goal earlier in the game, but his first came in the 77th minute. He got a brace on the penalty kick in the stoppage time, but almost had a hat trick a minute later. Krameric recorded four shots on goal, two shots off target and two blocked shots. A very solid performance put the game out of Bayern’s reach in the second half.

Even though the goals did not come the way we are used to, Thomas Muller always created chances and led the attack as he always has. His hard work paid off when he recorded another assist on Kimmich’s goal. Besides assist, Muller had four key passes and 83% passing efficiency. Even down 4-1, Muller continued to fight. In the dying moments of the game, he had a chance to put the ball in the back of the net, but he took it once and pulled it out of the frame. Although he was still fighting, you can tell there was some fatigue in his legs.

God of football: Corentin Tolisso

Tolisso had a calm game, but was quite efficient before being replaced by Musisala. The young Frenchman has won seven duels and made four fouls while helping his team try to control the midfield. His pass was almost perfect, conceding 93% of his passes, including five out of five long balls. Although it wasn’t the flashiest performance, Tolisso did what he could to stop the bleeding. When he left the game, Bayern were still only 2-1. Tolisso was a factor in keeping them in the game.

Yes, four goals hit the back of the net, but not all of them are on him. Bad defenses and turnovers were the main causes of the first three goals. Even the penalty came because he was left in a bad spot by a botched defense. That said, the captain is the only reason the score wasn’t more embarrassing. He recorded four saves, all from inside the box. He kept his side in the game for as long as he could, before Krameric got the better of him twice.

With his team lost 2-0 early in the game, Kimmich scored an incredible goal on a curling ball that looped over the keeper and found the top corner. It was very reminiscent of his winner last season at Dortmund. In addition to his purpose, Kimmich has shown his flexibility and selflessness, playing a variety of roles. He was dangerous in the attack, but also pushed back in defense. When Pavard was replaced by Goretzka, Kimmich slipped into his familiar right-back role without losing a step. In a disappointing game for Bayern, Kimmich was still able to shine.


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