Maskless Heckler stops update on coronavirus spikes: report


BROOKLYN, NY – A press conference in Brooklyn on recent coronavirus spikes was halted on Friday after a former unmasked city council candidate began heckling the city’s top health officials, according to reports.

Heshy Tischler, an activist who ran for city council in 2017, began shouting at the head of the city’s public hospital system, Dr Mitchell Katz, as the press conference began in Gravesend, one of the Queens and Brooklyn neighborhoods facing a peak in COVID-19[FEMININE[FEMININE” He lies! When a man lies, he must be interrupted! You’re a liar, ”Tischler shouted, according to video and the New York Post. “Your reports are lies. You lie and I will not allow lying. “

Katz repeatedly yelled at Tischler to put on a mask and keep his distance, but officials finally ended the press conference after 19 minutes.

Later, Tischler yelled at Katz to “get the hell out of my community, dirty animal” and described health officials as “violent Nazi stormtroopers.”

The tirade came just days after Katz revealed that this stepfather had died from coronavirus in Israel at another press conference on the hikes, which focused on Ocean Parkway, Edgemere and Far Rockaway, Williamsburg and Kew Gardens.

Health officials said they were particularly concerned about spikes in the city’s Orthodox Jewish communities, many of which are in neighborhoods facing increases.

The shutdown would include shutting down all non-essential businesses, banning gatherings of more than 10 people, imposing fines on those who do not wear masks, and closing private schools and daycares found to be in violation of the rules from the Ministry of Education.


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