Marc-Andre Fleury points out he’s not asking for a trade in Vegas – the Athletic


After watching much of the Stanley Cup Playoffs from the Golden Knights bench, Marc-André Fleury is entering an offseason of uncertainty as he tries to make the most of his brief hiatus from hockey, spending his time in his home. Las Vegas with his wife, Véronique, and their three children. After almost two months away from his family, he’s delighted to be spending all this time with them, but Fleury can’t shake the anxious feeling of uncertainty about what the future holds.

He was the undisputed face of the franchise in Vegas and is only a year after a three-year contract extension he signed in 2018. But Fleury’s future with the Golden Knights has been called into question afterwards. the team’s decision to trade for Robin Lehner, who went on to play in 16 of 20 playoff games.

The Golden Knights’ current plan is to sign Lehner on a long-term contract, and what that means for Fleury is still pending. Fleury has a cap of $ 7 million and a …


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