Manchester United must listen to Gary Neville on Jadon Sancho – Richard Fay move


Manchester United were warned early on that this summer transfer window will not be like any other.Speaking in April, Ed Woodward issued a stern warning when he told fans United will not be doing business as usual at the end of the season. Still, four weeks away from the early October deadline, many fans felt an undeniable sense of déjà vu, with the club showing little sign of progress in extended talks for a higher transfer target.

It’s a similar situation to United’s prolonged pursuit of Harry Maguire’s transfer a year ago, while the capture of Bruno Fernandes in January had also become tedious by the time of its completion.

United deserve huge credit for how quickly they struck the deal to sign Donny van de Beek a week ago, but the main prize remains elusive, with little progress on a deal for high-priority target Jadon Sancho .

It looks like a broken record to reiterate interest in Sancho this summer, but United remain convinced they can find a way to secure his signing with less than a month of window remaining.

At the time of writing, negotiations are still ongoing on what would constitute a club record for Sancho, but United are naturally considering alternatives in the event that they are unable to sign the England international.

United also deserve credit for refusing to meet Borussia Dortmund’s self-imposed deadline to sign Sancho before August 10, but more than four weeks after his adoption, there hasn’t been much going on. another to report in the saga.

This means United are close to the point of compromise and must soon decide whether to break the piggy bank and give Dortmund what they want for the £ 108million winger, or step back and continue. other goals.

“Just say Dortmund ‘leave it there’ and go get another player,” Gary Neville advised United earlier this week.

“There are a lot of players around, there can only be one player you are chasing.

“If you can’t make a deal (for Sancho), you have to move on. You definitely need to give players tight deadlines.

David Brooks has been under consideration by United for over a year, but was deemed too expensive last summer, while Rabbi Matondo and Thiago Almada also represent potential buys for the right.

There is also consideration of a short-term fix with United ready to sigh a player on loan before potentially suing Sancho at a later date.

Juventus winger Douglas Costa has been mentioned and Ivan Perisic has been offered as an option, but the 31-year-old is expected to join Bayern for good. Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale is not of interest at the moment, but is another example of a possible temporary fix this summer.

Whatever happens, United must heed big club Neville’s warning and set their own transfer deadline for their pursuit of Sancho, with the signing of a new essential rather than optional right-winger this summer. .

They’ve spent enough time entertaining the Dortmund transfer saga, and with the opener of the new season just a week away, Woodward and Solskjaer face the ultimate stick or twist game.

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