Manchester United have become a club that rumbles under pressure


As good-looking as Sancho, is he worth £ 108million? And what impact would such a deal have on the playing time of Mason Greenwood, who looks by far the best young offensive talent in the country, scoring 17 goals last season.If United think Sancho is worth it, the deal should have been done already. What I can’t understand is if United don’t think so, why haven’t they moved on? If the deal isn’t fair, no matter how much it bothers fans, walking away and buying an alternate target can be a sign of strength, not weakness. But based on recent history, United have a habit of finally paying what they were cited months earlier. And so the wheel turns. If United now pay the demanded fees for Sancho, it will appear that they have blinked as a direct result of the criticisms following their first Premier League loss. It will play well for the fans, but it is not the way to determine transfer policy or to lead a football club of United’s stature.

The problem they have is that confidence has eroded so much since 2013, that every bad result and performance will cause the kind of hysterical backlash that was hailed last Saturday. It’s a dangerous place, especially 18 months after the start of a manager’s reign.

I agree that Sancho would make United stronger this season, but against Palace it was defensive vulnerability that was the main concern. The structure of the side was as poor as the individual performances.

I wouldn’t make any confident predictions about United’s prospects this season on a one-game basis.

I’ve always made the observation that the situation is never as bad as it looks at United – there could be many reasons for a lackluster display on the first day of the season.

Spending well obviously helps a lot, but that alone will not allow the club to get back to where it expects.

If the past seven years haven’t shown those with the club in their hearts that bowing to outside pressure hasn’t worked, they will continue to be trapped in the same unsatisfying loop of overpaying pennies. -performance.


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