Man who killed BC Mountie not allowed to return to Vancouver Island


New documents from the Parole Board of Canada show Vancouver Island police members oppose permission for a drunk driver who killed an officer in April 2016 to return to the community.An Aug. 31 ruling indicates that while Kenneth Fenton has shown improvement and largely complied with the terms of his day parole, they disagree with his proposal to return to Vancouver Island when he is released. release scheduled for March 2021..

Fenton hit and killed the constable. Sarah Beckett in the island community of Langford in April 2016 as she drove away from another police car.

He had alcohol, cocaine and marijuana in his system at the time of the accident.

The Correctional Service of Canada and the RCMP opposed Fenton’s offer to return to an unspecified location on Vancouver Island, highlighting the potential negative and violent consequences he could face.

The parole board says those concerns are supported by comments made during Fenton’s trial by the judge who said Fenton’s parents were stigmatized and vilified because of his actions and their vandalized business.

“You must not return to Vancouver Island without the prior written consent of your parole supervisor. Due to the intense level of media coverage of your offense, your return, if made public, has the potential to create a hostile, even violent public reaction, ”’the council wrote in its decision.

The council added that Fenton’s plan to open a business on Vancouver Island could be affected by a negative public reaction upon his return and cause significant emotional and financial stress.

Several special conditions were also placed on Fenton’s release, ranging from not consuming, possessing or purchasing alcohol to not contacting or interacting with friends or family members of the victim.


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