Making sense of Alvin Kamara’s madness


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The past two days have spawned a series of conflicting and curious reports and rumors regarding the Saints and running back Alvin Kamara. Ultimately, this is all just part of the sausage-making process that is currently expected to lead to a new deal by now, a source with knowledge of the situation said on Monday.

It is not a guarantee that an agreement will be reached by then. Currently, that is the goal. Indeed, that has always been the goal. But things got a bit messy during the negotiations, leading to controversial reports of absences and unmotivated rumors and reports of six-figure fines as well as suggestions in some circles of a recent feud that erupted between Kamara and coach Sean Payton.

As a source explained to PFT, the Saints were actually calling other teams to assess possible business interest for the fourth year of pullback. It appears that this was part of an effort not to actually trade Kamara but to demonstrate that there is no other team that currently would give the Saints what they want for Kamara (probably a lot) and pay him. also what he wants (presumably a lot more than what the Saints offer).

The Saints have long believed Kamara to be just as good as Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, if not better. This created, as a source told PFT, a very real sense of anxiety and apoplexy for the Saints, once McCaffrey signed his long-term deal worth $ 16 million by an and the Saints realized that Kamara would want the same deal or something close. to that, even though the Saints don’t use Kamara as widely as the Panthers use McCaffrey.

It currently appears that everything that has happened in the last few days was simply part of the posture of making a deal, with the current belief that a deal will indeed be done. The fact that things have weakened in the past few days means they could become precarious again by Monday, as the two sides scramble to strike a deal.


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