Lowdown on the Dolphins Training Team


The Miami Dolphins packed their practice squad on Sunday – in fact, they packed it too much.

Let’s explain.

The Dolphins ended up signing 17 players to their practice squad because they had two players who didn’t count towards the 16-player limit.

One is Durval Queiroz, who gets an exemption due to his status as an international training player.

The other is wide receiver Antonio Callaway, who has been officially suspended by the NFL. Although the NFL transaction log did not provide a length of time for the suspension, the NFL Network reported it was for seven games.

The other 15 include 12 players who were abandoned by the Dolphins, as well as two other familiar faces – quarterback Jake Rudock and cornerback Javaris Davis, who was at training camp this summer.

The two newcomers are defensive back Brian Cole, a seventh-round rookie pick from Mississippi State, and defensive lineman Nick Coe, a rookie free agent from Auburn.

The dozen players brought back after being sidelined on Saturday are RB Salvon Ahmed, WR Matt Cole, DB Tae Hayes, DB Nate Holley, T Jonathan Hubbard, LB Kylan Johnson, DT Benito Jones, WR Kirk Merritt, TE Chris Myarick, DE Tyshun Render and CB Ken Webster.

Callaway is a talented alumnus of Booker T. Washington in Miami and the University of Florda, but has had some trouble off the field in the NFL.

Callaway was a Browns fourth-round pick in 2018 and had 43 catches in 16 games (with 11 starts) in 2018, and was released last November, a day before the NFL assesses his second suspension of the year for violation. of the substance of the league. – abuse policy.

Browns Digest editor Pete Smith offered this review of Callaway:

“Antonio Callaway came into the league with a troubling record and no reason to believe he could avoid trouble. He managed to be functional in his rookie year and showed talent which made it easy to see what GM John Dorsey saw in him. He’s explosive, strong, and impressive after the catch. Callaway made some big plays in talking about changes off the field. After an impressive rookie year, many people were hoping to see him continue. Unfortunately, the problems that plagued him in college with drugs reared his head in the NFL. Still just 23 years old, if Callaway can be reliable off the field and be more consistent there, he could be an asset on the wide receiver. ”

Cole, a Mississippi state security, was freed by the Minnesota Vikings over the weekend.

Cole has an interesting story, told by Will Ragatz of Inside the Vikings, and it takes him from the University of Michigan to Last Chance U. before ending up in the state of Mississippi.

Coe was released from New England in mid-August after signing with them as a rookie free agent. Coe’s career at Auburn peaked in 2018 when he lost seven sacks and 13.5 tackles, but those numbers went to zero sacks and three tackles for a loss last season.

Davis is another former Auburn player. He had a brief stint with the Dolphins early in training camp before being called off with a non-football injury designation.

We introduced Davis when he first joined the Dolphins, starting with being the cousin of former Miami first-round pick Vontae Davis.

As for Rudock, his addition to the practice squad could easily have been predicted after the Dolphins gave up compatriot Josh Rosen.

Rudock spent all of last season on the Dolphins’ practice squad and obviously knows the squad.


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