Los Angeles policemen shot dead in ‘ambush’


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Reuters / LA Police

Los Angeles Police released footage of the incident

Two Los Angeles police officers are in critical condition after being shot in what police call an ambush.

Video of the incident shows a figure approaching the officers’ vehicle, before opening fire and fleeing.

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva called the act “cowardly.” The suspect is still at large.

Nearly 40 U.S. police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2020, FBI statistics show eight of them were ambushed.

Protesters shouted anti-police slogans and blocked the entrance to the emergency room where the two officers are being treated, police and witnesses said.

The officers involved were not named, but were described as a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man.

“An MP and an assistant were ambushed while seated in their patrol vehicle. Both suffered multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition. They both undergo surgery. The suspect is still at large, ”tweeted LA County Sheriffs.

“It’s just a grim reminder that this is dangerous work. Actions, words have consequences and our job doesn’t get easier because people don’t like law enforcement, ”Sheriff Villanueva said.

Sharing the footage of the incident, US President Donald Trump tweeted: “Animals that must be hit hard.”

He made law and order a central element in his candidacy for re-election.

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In response to the attack, California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff said he was praying for the two officers.

“Every day, law enforcement puts itself in danger to protect our community,” he tweeted. “I hope the perpetrator of this cowardly attack can be brought to justice quickly. “


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