Loose Women Receives Ofcom Complaints After Ivana Trump Says Immigrants “Rape Women”


Loose Women received complaints from OfCom after Ivana Trump’s controversial appearance earlier this week. The former wife of US President Donald Trump made a series of shocking comments, including saying that immigrants “steal and rape women” on Tuesday afternoon.

According to The Sun, broadcast regulator OfCom received nearly 100 complaints about the interview, which some viewers called a “car accident.”

Ivana, 71, who is herself an immigrant from the Czech Republic, said she shared exactly the same views as her 15-year-old former husband.

She said, “He’s for everything I believe in. He’s a Republican and so am I. He has accomplished so much, especially with immigration.

Ivana Trump said immigrants ‘stole and raped women’ on Loose Women

Ivana was married to Donald Trump for 15 years

“I’m an immigrant, but they have to come to the country legally, they have to find a job, they have to pay taxes like the rest of Americans…

“A lot of people don’t even dress American, they dress the way they dress.

“And they don’t have a job and they steal and they rape women. It is not our idea. “

The panel called her for comments

Loose Women panelist Jane Moore called her on the comments.

Jane said: “What you just said about migrants, a lot of people would find quite shocking.

“You yourself are a migrant – don’t you close the door behind you? Don’t you understand that some people just want a better life?

She maintained her comments

“The way you describe them is pretty inhuman. ”

Ivana replied: “It’s inhuman but everyone has to get up.

“They have to go apply for the visa properly, and then they come to America. They can come and cross the border properly. ”

Mirror Online has contacted ITV for comment.


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