Lockdown before Christmas is not suitable for France


Olivier Véran was responding to the suggestion made on Sunday September 27 by two Nobel Prize winners, Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, that a second national lockdown from December 1 to 20 would be a good idea so that families and friends can gather safely for Christmas. celebrations.Read more: The December lockdown is necessary in France “to save Christmas”

The Minister of Health distanced himself from this “preventive measure” by saying that it was too early to give details of what would be needed later in the year but that it would not involve “preventive confinement three weeks’.

Talk to a news program Grand Jury on RTL-Le Figaro-LCI, he said: “I’m not going to start projecting over the next couple of months… I’m projecting day by day, with my datasets, to be able to offer the public the safest way to avoid lock-in, and so that he can spend a family vacation in good conditions.

Mr. Véran added: “What will happen at the end of October? [Toussaint] will depend on what we do in the coming days and weeks. If the virus increases and does not slow down, if we do not put in place the necessary measures to slow its spread, it will endanger our health care system and the public. It is possible that travel restrictions will be considered during the All Saints holiday period, he said.

However, the minister said he would rather impose restrictions locally, rather than revert to a national lockdown.

He said: “We do not want to completely stop the economic, social, cultural, sporting and family life of the public. This is why we take decisions adapted to the gravity of the situation …[which are] specific to the region. “

‘Saving Christmas’ thanks to detention

The comments come after Mr Banerjee and Ms Duflo – married professors and Nobel Prize winners – wrote an open letter in Le Monde newspaper, recommending “a nationwide lockdown for Advent, say December 1-20. “.

They argued that imposing a second nationwide lockdown in early December and avoiding any socialization as Christmas approaches would allow families to reunite safely on Christmas Day itself.

They used the United States as an example of how repeated socialization during holiday periods can increase the likelihood of a virus spike.

They wrote: “In the United States, the long Memorial Day weekends at the end of May and July 4 – Independence Day – were followed by spikes in contamination. Responsible citizens will soon be faced with difficult dilemmas between their various tasks and it is unreasonable not to guide them in these choices.

“Family reunions, with their long moments of socialization around a table (not to mention singing), are unfortunately conducive to contamination.”

They concluded: “While the economic cost may be high, it would be less than having to cancel Christmas… It could also be seen as a price to pay for an immediate reward, a collective effort to save Christmas.”

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