Live updates on coronavirus: “Go protest in a potato field,” says Plante to anti-masks


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“Rallies like the ones we saw at Tam-Tams last weekend are not acceptable,” said Plante.

Plante was asked about an anti-mask protest planned in Montreal this weekend.

She said people who protest without following health guidelines endanger vulnerable neighborhoods in Montreal.

“In Montreal, we are not like that – we are united,” said Plante.

His message to the demonstrators: “Go and demonstrate in a potato field.”

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Montreal on red alert starting Thursday

Three regions of Quebec, including Greater Montreal, will be under the government’s “red” COVID-19 alert status as of Thursday – a decision that affects some 5 million people across the province.

The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, made the announcement yesterday, describing the situation as “critical” while detailing the measures that will be in effect during a partial stop of one month in the red zones.


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