Linky meters in France: can I refuse the deposit?



I have concerns about the Linky “smart” electricity meter. Can I refuse to install it?


It depends on the location of your drive. The Ministry of Ecological Transition has said that when a meter is not in a publicly accessible location, an individual is free to accept – or refuse – a Linky installation.

Linkys automatically collects data on energy consumption and transmits it to the energy company to eliminate the need for manual readings. They have been criticized for their potential to reveal personal data and household information. Some opponents have also raised health concerns.

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It was found that EDF and Engie had not obtained explicit consent to collect data for two different uses and to keep this data for too long. Thus, technicians can only enter a property to install a Linky meter “while respecting property rights when the meter is not in a public space or an accessible place”.

Otherwise, owners can refuse to give access to the installation teams to change the existing device to a Linky meter. However, the ministry has warned that people who refuse a Linky installation will not be able to take full advantage of the benefits the device offers. This means that currently free services, such as meter readings by agents, could be billed in the future.

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