Lindt took out a huge chocolate truffle sharing box


We all know that 2020 hasIt hasn’t been exactly the best, with all the vacations canceled, work off work and… you know, the coronavirus.

But while no one can promise to improve everything yet, Lindt stepped in at the right time to offer some respite from all the gloom. Specifically, a respite in the form of huge boxes of chocolate truffles.

Credit: Lindt / Instagram

Of course, we’re all long-time fans of sharing boxes like Celebrations, Quality Street, and Roses, which are whipped every Christmas to be snaffled in no time.

And now we have another to add to the lineup, which is nothing short of absolutely wonderful news.

For the first time, Lindt pops 32 individually wrapped truffles in a massif tin to share with the family – perfect for distracting us from the fact that summer more than, and the realization that we must accept the dark and cold evenings on the sofa it will be our new normal.

Brand new for Christmas 2020, the 200 g Share box is offers six chocolate truffles flavors: classic, white and extra dark milk, as well as milk and white, hazelnut and brand new salted caramel.

Credit: Lindt
Credit: Lindt

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Available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Lindt stores (online and retail), they priced at £ 15 each – although you may be able to buy them in some stores for a promotional price of £ 10, depending on each retailer.

As a heads-up, we noticed that the boxes are currently available on the Tesco website for the £ 10 introductory offer.

New product features’ velvety milk chocolate with a hint of salt “and a” sumptuously smooth melting caramel filling, “with Lindt saying,” Treat yourself to Lindor Sea Salt Caramel – a dark chocolate shell with delicate chunks of salt, coating a smooth caramel flavored center.

“Perfect for sharing or for your everyday special moments. “

Sold! Not sure about this sharing business, however.


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