Lidl buyers call customer payment behavior “absolutely criminal”


The payment behavior of a Lidl customer has been labeled “absolutely criminal” after a post from a fellow buyer went viral.The supermarket customer was pictured with his items on the conveyor belt as he waited to be served by checkout staff.

And while that might seem normal at first, it was the fact that the customer’s bakery item was placed directly on the belt without a bag, which shocked other shoppers, reports the Daily Star.

While sharing the image on Twitter, the client who witnessed the move said: “I can’t stop thinking about this absolutely criminal behavior at Whitburn Lidl. ”

Since the post was shared it has unsurprisingly gone viral with other Twitter users quick to share their distaste.

One of them said: “Can also just lick the treadmill”

A second said: “No bag just germs and vibrations”

A third added: “He’s obviously planning to wash his croissant when he gets home!” ”

And a fourth said: “I went to Sainsbury’s to buy muffins today and someone took a cinnamon danish with their hand and handed it to get another. Never trust the bakery again unless it is packed. “


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