Liberals, NDP strike deal on sick leave, dodging immediate election


The Liberal government will increase the number of people who can access sick leave, paving the way for New Democrats to support the Speech from the Throne and bypass the fall election, sources told CBC News.Bill C-2 – the bill that would move people from the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) to an Employment Insurance program with expanded eligibility, or to one of three new recovery benefits – will be changed, according to sources who spoke in confidence to CBC News.

They said the deal with the NDP involved changing the wording of the bill to significantly increase the number of Canadians who would have access to paid sick leave.

Liberal House Leader Pablo Rodriquez tweeted this afternoon that a deal had been made, but did not give more details on upcoming changes for the C-2.

“We are entering the second wave and millions of Canadians are still struggling to make ends meet. We now have an agreement with the NDP on a bill that will provide the help Canadians need. It is by working together that we will get through this pandemic. , ” he said.

The Conservatives have said categorically that they will not support the Speech from the Throne, while the Bloc Québécois has said it will not support it unless the government increases health care transfers to the provinces without any condition.

This made the NDP the best way for minority Liberals to get enough votes to pass the confidence vote on the Speech from the Throne and avoid an early election.

Ahead of Wednesday’s Throne Speech, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said his party should see the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) extended and paid sick leave offered to all employees across the country for ensure that no Canadian has to work sick.

Singh has long signaled that he wants the government to keep its promise to provide a 10-day national sick leave benefit and ensure that no one loses during the transition from CERB to EI or other programs. recovery benefits.


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