Liberal Democrats vote for long-term EU membership renewal | Politics


The Liberal Democrats voted to renew the UK’s membership of the European Union, but only as “a longer-term goal” as the party used its annual conference to begin a process of change. mark after Brexit.The party, which won just 11 seats in the December election on a platform that included a pledge to quash Brexit without a public vote if its then leader Jo Swinson became prime minister, has sought a way to reconcile its pro-European position with the reality of Départ.

A pioneering motion on Europe at the party’s annual online conference this weekend mainly focused on efforts to tackle a no-deal Brexit and secure the rights of citizens of the ‘EU in UK.

He also condemned the Home Markets Bill proposed by Boris Johnson’s government, which includes a pledge to violate international law by redesigning the starting Brexit deal, as something that “undermines the reputation of the United Kingdom- United, sets a dangerous precedent and almost certainly excludes any chance of a trade agreement with the EU or the United States ”.


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