Less than 50% of Americans would take Covid-19 vaccine, even if paid $ 100 – Poll – RT USA News


    Le scepticisme croissant autour d'un vaccin Covid-19 aux États-Unis se poursuit, avec moins de la moitié des répondants affirmant qu'ils en prendraient un même si on leur offrait 100 $, selon un nouveau sondage.

</p><div><p>Sur les plus de 1000 adultes qui ont participé au sondage Axios-Ipsos, seulement 44% ont déclaré qu'ils prendraient un vaccin si l'incitatif de 100 $ leur était offert.  Ils seraient encore moins susceptibles de se faire vacciner s'ils étaient ceux qui devaient payer 100 dollars, avec seulement 26% déclarant qu'ils seraient prêts à en assumer le coût. 

More than half, however, said they would be more « probable » to get it if their health insurance covered all costs.

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The same poll found that people would trust a vaccine’s approval more if it came from their personal doctor (62 percent). U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval would make a vaccine 54 percent more likely to trust, while President Donald Trump’s approval would only help 19 percent of respondents. Even the majority of those who identify as Republicans (60%) said an approval from the president would not help them decide whether or not to get the shot.

Other recent polls on a potential vaccine have generally shown that less than half of Americans are ready to be the first to get the vaccine, with some expressing concern that the process is being rushed amid President Trump’s many suggestions. , one of them will probably be available before the end of the year.

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