“LeBron James tells me all the time”: Anthony Davis responds to Charles Barkley for not being aggressive enough


In a candid post-game interview with the Inside the NBA team, Anthony Davis admitted that “overthinking” was part of the reason he had passive games.Davis and Nikola Jokic had an exciting back-and-forth battle to close Game 2. The two big men were their teams’ only scorers on the home stretch, with Jokic getting the last 11 points for the Nuggets.

After a missed shot from Alex Caruso and a blocked shot at Danny Green, the Lakers needed a buzzer-beater from Davis to win the game.

Anthony Davis’ perfect answer to Charles Barkley’s question about passive gambling

The great Charles Barkley is certainly not the only one who wonders why Davis does not always assert himself. While Barkley has taken a rather aggressive approach to his question, one can’t help but think that they would have done the same in his position.

For a transcendent talent like Davis, not dominating every night is a bit mind-boggling.

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Barkley asked this question directly:

“You know Anthony, you have an advantage every night you walk on the floor. But some nights you don’t seem aggressive. What is it that some nights you just aren’t aggressive? Barkley said.

Davis had a really cool response to the query.

He focused on how he perhaps analyzes things a bit too much and therefore ends up being a bit too passive in the game. He also pointed out how LeBron James constantly asks him to be more aggressive on the game. the field and improve things.

“I come, I go there, and I think I think too much. You know, I know some of the moves that I want to tackle in every game, and I’m looking to make the right plays instead of going out and like you said being aggressive. And you know, that’s a big difference, games where I’m aggressive, it definitely carries our team, it helps our team, and that has to be my state of mind from now on.

Anthony Davis on How LeBron James Eggs It On

“I try to go out and play the right way but sometimes… you know mostly [LeBron James], he tells me all the time, like, ‘Okay, that’s enough to pass, it’s time to go to work, to be aggressive, to be the player that you are.’

Davis’ playoff game earned him praise from every quarterback in the playoffs. Many have rightly called him LeBron’s best teammate. Davis even has a practical chance of winning the Final MVP if the Lakers get there and he keeps playing like that.


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