Latest news on coronavirus: elementary school children “are less likely to transmit the virus due to their size”


A A Chinese company that has developed an experimental vaccine against the coronavirus said about 90% of their employees and families took the photo as part of the national emergency use program.The scale of vaccinations under the emergency program, which China launched in July but has released few details, shows how actively it is using experimental vaccines in hopes of protecting essential workers from a possible resurgence of Covid-19, although testing is still ongoing.

The program is aimed at specific groups, including medical personnel and those working in food markets and in the transport and service sectors.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd, of which CoronaVac is in Phase 3 clinical trials and was included in the emergency program, has offered the candidate vaccine to around 2,000 to 3,000 employees and their families on a voluntary basis, CEO Yin Weidong said. to Reuters.

Mr. Weidong said those who chose to be vaccinated, including himself, his wife and parents, were told of the potential side effects before taking the vaccine.

He added that doctors had asked about their condition before the vaccination and that the rate of adverse reactions in those vaccinated was “very low”.

Side effects after taking CoronaVac include fatigue, fever and pain, with symptoms mostly mild, according to the results of a mid-term trial sponsored by Sinovac, involving 600 participants and published last month before. peer review.

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