Latest news on coronavirus: Contact tracing app ‘will make the country safer’, says Matt Hancock


Canada has entered a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, warning the country was on the brink of a surge if people did not follow public health guidelines.In a rare national speech, Trudeau said the country “is at a crossroads” as a second wave emerges in four major provinces, adding that the government will do whatever it takes to help the country recover from the pandemic.

“We are on the verge of a fall that could be a lot worse than spring,” he said.

Cases of Covid-19 in Canada have increased in recent days, with an average of 1,123 new cases reported per day over the past week, compared to a daily average of 380 cases in mid-August.

“We have the power to master this second wave. I know we can do it because we have done it once before, ”added Trudeau.

Canadians are now more worried about Covid than they have been since April, an Abacus Data poll showed.

The total number of infections has reached 147,753, while 9,243 people have died, according to the latest government data.


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