Latest news on coronavirus: Airports fail to test ‘quick fix’ that would reduce need for quarantine, Minister says | UK News


Airport does not test “quick fix” to reduce quarantineTransportation Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News’s Kay Burley that calls for airport testing to reduce the 14-day quarantine period are not a “quick fix.”

He says we need to be able to test further and self-isolate as well.

“This coronavirus is not easy,” he continues.

We would still need a quarantine because the tests do not detect everyone who may have the virus, he argues.

A landing test is “unlikely to find the vast majority of people who have traveled with coronavirus and are asymptomatic.”

“I hear calls from airports and spoke to John Holland-Kaye last night who is the boss of Heathrow Airport and many others, it’s not that we ignore the great job that they are doing on trial tests, ”he continues.

“But I spoke to my counterpart, for example my French counterpart, they did some tests, but of course they realized that it was not really the miracle solution.

“What you need to be able to do is test further with a quarantine period as well. “


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