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The RAW After Payback kicked off with Randy Orton in the ring and we learned that Drew McIntyre’s injuries from last week would prevent him from competing until Clash of Champions. Rey Mysterio was also injured last night at Payback and Dominik will have to compete alone tonight.

Randy showed us a picture of all the people he had punched in the skull and Keith Lee came out to confront him. Lee said Orton tries to get over last night’s loss before claiming beating Randy should have given him a championship game.

Dolph Ziggler attacked Lee from behind but was shot the first time around. Ziggler attacked Lee a second time as we walked towards commercials.

Keith Lee contre Dolph Ziggler sur RAW

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Keith Lee scored his second win after Payback

Back on RAW, Lee threw Dolph out before lifting him up but Ziggler stepped out. Lee catapulted Ziggler into the face of the turnbuckle first, before Ziggler exited the ring. After a break, Ziggler hit a Famouser but couldn’t get the pin.

Keith Lee knocked Ziggler onto his back and hit him with several punches before hitting a Flapjack. Lee grabbed it and hit the Swinging Powerslam. Ziggler hit the ZigZag but Lee kicked out again. Keith Lee took the win with a Spirit Bomb.

Result: Keith Lee bat. Dolph Ziggler

Match Rating: B

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were backstage at RAW and they still weren’t on the same page. Asuka walked into the interview and after Shayna got in front, she pushed her away before staring at Jax.

Adam Pierce was backstage at RAW and told security to keep RETRIBUTION out of the arena.

Asuka was next and Mickie James was the first to ask for a title shot. Natalya and Lana came out to interrupt you.

Posted on Sep 01, 2020, 08:49 AM

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