Latest coronavirus rules in England as other changes are introduced from Monday


Since March of this year, there has been quite a wave of changes since the lockdown was introduced.As cases and deaths in the UK have started to decline, lockdown restrictions have been relaxed and bars, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and more have opened after months of closure.

It was a massive relief and finally there seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel in the UK.

But after another sharp rise in UK cases, the government stepped in and introduced a number of rules – including dealing a blow to restaurants, pubs, bars and more by introducing a 10pm curfew.

The government’s announcement last week also confirmed a number of other changes that will come into play tomorrow (Monday, September 28), The Mirror reports.

The Prime Minister revealed changes in weddings, funerals and christenings, while saying the UK’s alert level has dropped from 3 to 4.


The number of guests allowed at weddings

From tomorrow, the number of guests allowed at weddings has been halved and will be limited to 15 guests after 30 years ago.

It was July when the maximum number of wedding guests was limited to 30, which was a big blow to those getting married and planning to invite all their friends and family.

But now there have been other restrictions and that is not good news for those who are getting married.

It was feared that it would be reduced to six after the government allowed just six to gather under new laws that were introduced recently.

The limit of 15 guests includes the couple and dancing is not allowed. Anyone working, for example, officiants, staff employed by the site, third party vendors, photographers, security staff or catering staff, are not included in this figure.


While weddings have been reduced, funerals have not been and they will remain at 30 guests.

Social distancing guidelines should be followed, however.


Concerns that marriages would be reduced to six have materialized at baptisms, however, as from tomorrow only six will be allowed, including who will be baptized.

What happens if you don’t follow the rules?

Those who ignore the rules face fines of up to £ 10,000 if caught.

The new rules introduced tomorrow will be applied to the best of the police’s ability.

There are fines similar to those who ignore other COVID rules, including those who refuse to self-isolate when they have to.

Companies could also face fines of up to £ 10,000 if they don’t follow the rules.

Any worker failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines could also be fined.


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