Laser tag will live in Regina under a new company


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“It’s more of a futuristic, high-tech feel in our facilities. The Laser Quest themes that they have are cool, but they can be a bit dated. So our intention is to bring the facility into the 21st century and make things a little more exciting, ”said McCullough.

A photo inside the arena at one of the Planet Lazer locations. The British Columbia-based company will open at the former Laser Quest location in Regina in November. Photo by Planet Lazer /j

Much like other entertainment venues, Planet Lazer locations in British Columbia were temporarily closed during the pandemic, but reopened in July. The company now has a number of security protocols in place, including a screening process.

Customers will receive a questionnaire asking if they have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or if they have symptoms themselves. They will also go through temperature checks and sanitize their hands, but masks will be optional.

“Some customers don’t want to wear them, and we believe that once the screening process has taken place at the front door, if they are not showing symptoms and their temperature is good, it is not. maybe not necessary to wear a mask ”. McCullough said.

He said Planet Lazer employees will wear masks and gloves and apply a thorough cleaning program. He also said occupancy levels would be below normal.

Following the shutdown of Laser Quest, some Reginans expressed frustration that they had not received a response from the company about refunds for deposits they had already paid for reservations. One of those people was Kari-Lyn Nadine Galinèc, who paid a down payment of $ 105 for a birthday party for her son in February. She said Laser Quest told her she could get her deposit back or wait for it to reopen. After hearing the news of the closure, she was unable to reach anyone at the company.


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