Kofi Kingston shares his thoughts on Roman Reigns’ heel turn


Kofi Kingston is clearly not a fan of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns lining up with Paul Heyman on Friday night SmackDown. The former WWE Champion believes Reigns doesn’t need Heyman to further his career since he had already established himself as “the best dog” in the business.“For me, Reigns was the guy with all the tools. He’s a movie star, the Big Dog, and the best dog in the yard. That’s why I ask, why does he need this parasite, Paul Heyman? Why does he need him to improve his skills when he is already the best dog? I really don’t get it, ”Kingston told ABC6 News in a recent interview.

Kingston, who has been on the set since suffering a back injury at The horror show at Extreme Rules, said he plans to speak to Reigns once he returns to WWE in the near future.

“I’m going to talk to him when I’m there and figure out what’s going on.” Because out of all the people in the world why Paul Heyman, man? I don’t think he needed to go that route.

“That said, it’s still interesting to watch because the performers, over time, develop a new sense of personality and a new personality that attracts you. I never expected this from Roman, I never thought he would do this. in a million years. But here we are, ”Kingston added.

The New Day member also said that Reigns ‘new personality increased viewers’ level of interest.

“When wrestlers develop new personalities, people want to tune in. You never know what’s going to happen in WWE, and that includes me. ”

Meanwhile, Kingston said that while he was “looking forward to getting back” to the ring, he had gained a new perspective during his time away from the road.

“I was able to spend an incredible time at home with my family and my children. I’m just trying to cherish this time… I’ve been on the road for ten years consistently and I’ve never spent so much time at home, ”he said.

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