Kim from North Korea visits typhoon-affected area as ‘casualties’ | News


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited coastal areas affected by a typhoon and ordered 12,000 party members to join the recovery effort on Saturday, while sacking a provincial party leader, media reported on Sunday. of state.

North Korean state-run television, KRT, aired footage of Kim calling a meeting with North Korean officials and walking through the typhoon-affected area.

As Kim studied the damage caused by a typhoon that hit coastal areas last week, a tenth season typhoon swirled in the East China Sea.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said more than 1,000 houses were destroyed in the coastal areas of the southern and northern provinces of Hamgyong and reported that farmlands and some public buildings were flooded.

KCNA did not report any fatalities or injuries in the two provinces. But the country’s main newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, said on Saturday that “dozens of casualties” had been reported in Kangwon province, south of Hamgyong provinces, and that Kangwon officials would be “severely punished” for not having evacuated the inhabitants to safety.

Kim led an expanded executive committee meeting on recovery efforts in typhoon-affected areas, focusing on detailed actions such as organizing construction crews to send to areas, designs and transporting materials, KCNA said.

At the meeting, he also removed the chairman of the South Provincial Party Committee Hamyong and appointed a new chairman.

North Korea’s ruling party has called for punishing officials whose disregard of orders leaves “dozens of victims” in typhoons, the country’s official party newspaper reported on Saturday.

Separately, Kim sent an open letter to party members in the capital, noting that this year has witnessed “unusual hardships due to the protracted global public health crisis” and natural disasters.

The letter added that the Party Central Committee had decided to send 12,000 party members from Pyongyang to areas affected by the typhoon to help communities recover.

North Korea has put “practical measures” in place to minimize the damage caused by the tenth typhoon of the season by educating people about the locations of typhoon shelters and paths as well as how to respond and behave, KCNA reported.

The isolated country struggled with torrential rains, flooding and typhoons during one of the wettest rainy seasons on record.

Typhoon Maysak crashed into the Korean Peninsula on Thursday. In South Korea, it left at least two dead and thousands of people temporarily without power.

Typhoon Haishen is expected to hit South Korea’s southern tip on Monday, according to the South Korean Meteorological Administration.


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