Killer son called mum ‘Brexit vote idiot’


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Robert Child denies killing his mother for financial gain

A psychologist who killed her mother in a hammer attack called her a ‘Brexit asshole’, a court has heard.

Robert Child, 37, admits to the murder of his mother Janice, who was found locked in the laundry room of his home in Woolton, Liverpool, on March 6.

Liverpool Crown Court learned he had transferred £ 25,000 to his bank account the day before and was in debt at the time for £ 32,000.

The child denies having killed her for financial gain.

Philip Walker, who worked with Child at the University of Liverpool, told the court he sent her a message in February from Ms Child in which she suggested that her son store food due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

The court heard he had called his mother ‘the Brexit vote idiot’.


Ms Child was found with 31 injuries, believed to have been caused by a hammer and another weapon, after neighbors contacted police when they were alerted to her dog’s barking.

When police went to inform Child of his death, he was in the process of purchasing a £ 14,000 Jaguar car, the court heard.

PC Nicola Ireland told court Child asked ‘is this a dream? When he was arrested on suspicion of murder at the home he shared with his partner in Thingwall, Wirral, on March 6.

He told her that his mother had “cut him off from his life” for a while because she did not approve of his ex-partner because of the “color of his skin”, but that they had reconciled. since, have heard the jurors.

In the testimony of financial investigator Adrian McGrath, the court heard that Child was in debt of over £ 32,000 at the time of his mother’s death and had two county court judgments against him for £ 16,000.

He said Child had a joint savings account with his mother which had over £ 14,000, enough to cover the cost of the Jaguar, and that he could have accessed it without his mother’s signature.

But, according to the court, a passbook was needed to credit or debit the account and only one had been issued.

The case continues.

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