Kids playing Lego help boost UK toy sales during Covid lockdown | Business


The kidult’s rise to prominence has helped boost UK toy sales during the coronavirus lockdown, with Lego being the latest company to benefit from parents joining their kids on the play mat while pubs, cinemas and playgrounds were closed.Lego said on Wednesday that an increase in sales and profits in the first six months of the year was due to more families playing together and “more adults than ever” playing its harder-to-build sets. Purchases of puzzles and board games have also increased during the pandemic, with families spending more time together.

Retail figures also indicate a market gain for adult buyers. Toy sales rose 7% in the UK in the first seven months of the year after two or three years of decline, according to market research firm NPD, with expensive building kits joining the dolls collection among the bestsellers.

According to NPD, complex building kits such as Lego’s Technic sets for a Bugatti and a Land Rover Defender were among the top-selling toys in the UK over the period. John Lewis said his hit Lego kit during lockdown was based on the 1990s sitcom Friends.

In other clues to a trend in kids’ games, Games Workshop, the fantasy figure retailer, had record sales in the last six months of 2019, while the video game Call of Duty: Warzone drew millions. players since its launch just before the lockdown.


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