Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi wear matching masks


Crédit photo: Gotham / Getty Images

It’s a locked world baby, but that won’t stop us from watching Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi during their post-workout walk. How could you miss Gerber’s cool cut and pink dye job and the euphoria the imposing stature of the actor and a North Face fanny pack he wears over the shoulder? The two were spotted in New York today returning from a workout at the city’s beloved and celebrity-frequented boxing club, Dogpound. For a series of punches, Gerber opted for a slate blue sports bra, matching spandex, and a tan shoulder bag. As for Elordi, he wore a Harley Davidson motorcycle shirt, a pair of Nike shorts and complemented it with a classic New York Yankees cap. (He was seen wearing the same cap a few months ago as he took a walk with his co-star Zendaya).

And although their appearance was quite different, they matched their masks. Gerber and Elordi both opted for black masks adorned with “Dogpound”. So much the better for representing their favorite gym, and if there are some must-have products that we should grab right now, a mask is the most practical.


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