Jurgen Klopp finally responds to Sir Alex Ferguson’s admission that he woke him up at 3.30am


Jurgen Klopp has finally responded to Sir Alex Ferguson’s claim that the Liverpool manager woke him up at three-thirty in the morning.Ferguson sent a congratulatory message to Klopp following the Reds’ Premier League title triumph in June.

But Klopp and his players were partying so hard at the team’s hotel it was 3.30am before the Liverpool boss came back to his room and responded to the legendary former Manchester United manager.

Ferguson was reportedly somewhat upset by the spam message, former United striker Dimitar Berbatov revealed in July – though the former Old Trafford chief videoed Klopp saying he had ‘forgiven’ him .

And as Liverpool prepare to start their title defense against Leeds United on Saturday, Klopp has apologized – saying he doesn’t realize Fergie would have had his phone on at his bedside.

Jurgen Klopp responded ‘in a polite manner’ after Sir Alex Ferguson congratulated him – but it was not a polite hour in the morning

“The problem was I got back to my room late that night and couldn’t sleep immediately so I went through the messages I received and one of them was from Alex Ferguson Klopp said in quotes reported by BT.

“I just answered in a very polite manner, I think. It was around 3:30 to 4 a.m. and I didn’t expect him to have his phone by his bed. I didn’t want to wake him up. If that happened then sorry Alex! ”

Although Klopp has admitted admiring Ferguson, he says the two aren’t in close contact – as he believes the United legend doesn’t want to hear about Liverpool’s recent success.

“We haven’t been in contact since then,” Klopp said. “He’s still the former Man United coach and I don’t think he wants to tell me too much about Liverpool’s success. He respects him but it’s not his favorite thing to watch on TV!

Ferguson would not have been happy to have been woken up at 3.30am, but said he had ‘forgiven’ Klopp

In Ferguson’s video message to Klopp after waking up early in the morning, the 78-year-old said: “I forgive you for waking me up at half past three in the morning to tell me you won the league. Thank you.

“But anyway, you deserve it, well done. ”

He said ending Liverpool’s 30-year wait for the title was “really well deserved”, adding from Klopp: “Your personality has run through the whole club. I think it was a wonderful, wonderful performance. “


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