Julia Roberts leads mass A-list exodus as coronavirus crisis hits Hollywood


Superstar Julia Roberts is leading a massive exodus of big names from Hollywood.Julia moves to San Francisco, where she has finished renovating a £ 6.3million house.

Other A-listers, including Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, and Zac Efron, spend long periods away from the area.

And millionaire DJ Calvin Harris has put his £ 4.2million Los Angeles property on the market.

Julia Roberts, a stunning $ 8.3 million home in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights, nears completion

Tesla’s electric car boss Elon Musk sold his four-house complex to Bel Air, while Lou Ferrigno, famous for playing The Hulk, was said to have had enough of Los Angeles and sold his house of 3 million pounds sterling in Santa Monica.

Prince Harry and Meghan initially searched for a house in Hollywood earlier this year, but decided to move to Montecito, 90 miles west, near Santa Barbara.

Meanwhile, Cat Deeley left Tinseltown after 14 years and returned to London to raise her family in the UK.

Tom Hanks et Rita Wilson s’absentent d’Hollywood

Actor Andy Newton Lee, who ran visa and relocation firm Next Stop LAX in the city for 15 years, is also back in the UK – in his hometown of Hull.

He has helped many British actors and soap stars move to Hollywood as they try to buy time.

But he told the Sunday Mirror: “I’ve worked for years to help celebrities get settled, but that’s not what it was. People aren’t as obsessed with life here as they used to be.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have also moved

“Hollywood has lost some of its luster. The pandemic has changed everything. Celebrities don’t like to live in smog anymore. ”

Andy, who has performed in Hollyoaks and is also a yoga instructor, is starting a new business, Next Stop Media Group.

Some of the stars he has helped over the years include Rachel Shenton – also of Hollyoaks, who won an Oscar for his short film The Silent Child – as well as Ricky Whittle, Mark Wright, Charlie Brooks and Danny Mac.

Andy said: “It will definitely be a lot harder to be able to relocate and be successful in a world where we are all fighting for jobs and opportunities.

“It was hard enough before Covid but now a lot of agents have gone out of business and a lot of artists have left Los Angeles.

“A lot of actors get paid from job to job, so when there is no work, there is no money.

“I think it could lead to a lot of mental health issues within the industry.

“Even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on our health and well-being. I watch what I eat and drink and how I can help my body stay in shape. Yoga has been an incredible help.


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