Juan Pablo Galavis is married or is he dating now?


On September 7, fans will step back in time as Chris Harrison recaps the best of Juan Pablo Galavis’ journey on The bachelor: the best seasons – ever! The new episode speeds up the franchise for La bachelorette Season 16 with Clare Crawley. But did Galavis get married after ending things with our next lead role? Here is the latest news on the state of the former single’s relationship.

Who did Juan Pablo Galavis choose for “The Bachelor”?

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Sure The single person Season 18, Galavis chose Nikki Ferrell over Crawley. As we know, his decisions in the finale culminated in his epic breakup with Crawley. But then he went on and chose Ferrell as his final rose. That said, the season didn’t end with a proposition – or even with an “I love you”.

After Ferrell poured his heart out to Galavis, he thanked her and told her that he couldn’t kneel down. “Honestly, I have a ring here in my pocket. And I’m not going to use it, ”Galavis said. “I’m not 100% sure I want to propose to you. But at the same time, I’m 100% sure that I just don’t want to lose you.

Then alongside the now infamous nod, he added, “I love you very much – very much.”

During the After the final rose special, Ferrell revealed she was happy with Galavis. She also claimed that she could see Galavis’ feelings through her actions. The couple later appeared on the VH1 series, Couple therapy. Then Galavis and Ferrell went their separate ways in October 2014, according to CBS News.

“I had come to the conclusion that we were different people and that we were never going to be on the same page,” Ferrell said, per E! News.

Juan Pablo Galavis married Osmariel Villalobos after “The Bachelor”

‘The Bachelor’ Season 18 star Juan Pablo Galavis | Bryan Steffy / WireImage

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While things didn’t work out between Galavis and Ferrell after The single person, the former footballer finally fell in love with Venezuelan host and model Osmariel Villalobos. During a conversation with People in 2016, Galavis revealed that he met Villalobos after sneaking into his Instagram DMs.

“Her birthday is August 2, three days before mine,” The single person said an elder at the time. “We are so alike. She’s like a female version of me – the Juan Pablo that people know personally. Not that of television. ”

Then in 2017, Galavis and Villalobos got married. And two years later, Galavis revealed he wanted kids with his wife.

“I’m trying to find a way to cheat [her] get pregnant, ”he told Us Weekly in 2019.“ I want to have more kids. “

Juan Pablo Galavis and Osmariel Villalobos are now divorced

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Now Galavis and Villalobos are divorced. According to Us Weekly, Villalobos announced his separation from Galavis in a now-deleted Instagram post published in March 2020.

“Happy endings in Disney stories are my favorite and I grew up with a desire to marry a prince, have a beautiful house, a family and ultimately a HAPPY END,” Villalobos wrote. “Even though my marriage was not at all well, I thank God for letting me have this experience and for continuing to be hopeful that at some point I can live this fairy tale.

She continued, “I want to close this chapter of my life the same way it started, with LOVE, because even though I didn’t have a fairy tale, Juan Pablo tried to make me happy and I [tried to] make him happy… and in fact that is the most important. You deserve this clarification, and here it is. We are divorced. ”

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