Jon Gosselin denies abusing his 16-year-old son Collin


Fans first met Jon and Kate in 2007 when they appeared on the TLC series Jon & Kate More 8. They would divorce later in 2009 after 10 years of marriage.In February 2020, Jon opened up about their separation and how two of his eight children – Collin and his twin sister Hannah Gosselin– recently came to live with him.

“I have sole custody of Collin, Kate has no contact with him, so there’s a whole bunch of things that happened with him,” Jon said in an interview with the First class paternity. “So I ended up with two, there might be more coming, so I have no idea.” But, I mean, it’s a long battle… I just haven’t given up, I’m still not going to give up. ”

He continued, “Whether they decide to go live with mom or if they decide to live with dad, it’s up to them. We have an ad litem guardian, so it’s like having a third parent, if there is a dispute between mum and dad, they can always call the ad litem guardian and she is a representative of the court and the judge, so that ‘she can make a better decision in the event of a dispute between mom and dad. ”


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