John Oliver continues his rivalry with Danbury; City mayor retaliates with bid full of sewers – Deadline


In what could be the biggest – and most hilariously friendly – feud of 2020, John Oliver has blown up the town of Danbury, Connecticut in recent weeks. Last week tonight. During one episode, while explaining the racial disparities when it comes to the jury selection process in Connecticut, the host said, “If you’re going to forget a town in Connecticut, why not forget Danbury? Because, and it’s true, f *** Danbury! There really was no explanation, but it was funny.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton fired back and said they would name their sewage treatment plant after the Last week tonight the host, saying, “We’re going to rename it John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant… Why? Because it’s full of bullshit like you, John.

Oliver took a hit in another episode reiterating his disdain for the city: “Fuck Danbury… babies, old people, pets, buildings, you can all fuck each other.”

The latest update in this rivalry has seen Oliver offer the city $ 55,000 if they name the sewage plant after him. He gave them a week to respond, adding “Don’t do that to Danbury!”

It didn’t take long for Boughton to respond. He said he would be happy to give the sewage plant his name, but on one condition: Oliver had to be physically in Danbury when they cut the tape for the sewage plant. He also showed off a port-o-pot which they also named after the host: “The John Oliver S *** House”.

This rivalry dates back to 2017, when Boughton was part of another story on Last week tonight when Oliver mocked the efforts the mayors were going to make to get Amazon to build facilities in their cities.

Watch the clip below to familiarize yourself with the Oliver-Danbury feud.


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