Joe Biden: Democratic presidential candidate nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Labor MP Chris Bryant | Political news


Joe Biden was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Labor MP Chris Bryant, Sky News can reveal.

the Democratic presidential candidate now joins President Donald Trump on the list of nominees as the race for the White House enters its final stages.

Mr Bryant, a member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee and chairman of the Standards and Privileges Committee, said Mr Biden deserved to be nominated for his dedication to argumentation and political debate during a turbulent period of American politics.

Nobel Peace Prize nomination “sort of a big thing”

He added, “When American cities were in flames and citizens were pitted against citizens, Joe had a calming influence to wear.

“When others have resorted to violent solutions, he argued that the best strength is the strength of argument because guns can stop a heart, but well-placed words can change many hearts and hearts. many hearts can change the world. ”

The nomination comes just before the first presidential debate between the candidates.

Nominations for the Peace Prize can be made by members of governments and international law courts, university chancellors, professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; heads of peace research institutes and foreign affairs institutes.

The prize will be awarded on October 9 of this year and is decided by a committee.


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