Jessica Krug skipped mom’s funeral to avoid getting caught


Jessica Krug skipped her own mother’s funeral in 2013 – and now family members are suggesting the college professor was a no-show because she didn’t want to get caught pretending to be a black woman.“It was a terrible thing to do. She didn’t even offer any excuses, “for skipping the memorial to Sherry Krug, who died at 65 in Albany after a bout of pneumonia, a family friend told “And maybe now we know why. To my knowledge, no one in the family has had any contact with her since then.

She also did not visit her sick mother in the hospital.

Krug, 38, is a professor of African history at George Washington University in Washington, DC, but will not be teaching this semester and faces calls to step down after running for a Medium job Thursday. Critics say she was only honest because she was discovered. A faculty member said she should resign or be removed from office.

The family friend said his family remained proud of his school performance, but were saddened by his lack of contact. They had no idea she was posing as black until they were contacted this week by reporters, the Daily Mail reported.

“She was blonde the last time I saw her,” the family friend said. “And as for his voice, well that’s interesting. I don’t know if she is playing, but the voice she has now is not the one I have heard before.

He said people seem to be looking for what caused her to behave this way. “But you have to understand that we have no idea. Krug was raised in a white Jewish family in Kansas City, Missouri.

Family members were now worried about what might happen to Krug amid the widespread racial account in the United States.

“There’s no shortage of stupid and crazy people out there and I’m worried about his safety,” he added. “If she wanted to contact us, to come home, we would never say no.”

The rest of the family are not that forgiving. Her sister-in-law told CNN that she had not met Krug, who had been separated from her brother for 20 years, and that Krug was not welcome in their home. “Our last name is tarnished, and all my husband and I want to do is cry our eyes out now. I can only imagine my stepfather rolling around in his grave.

Her parents were divorced as a child, and her father died in Las Vegas in 2017.


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