Jedward leaves fans in tears with heartbreaking tribute to late mum after cancer battle


Jedward opened up about the late mum’s final moments in an interview that left his fans sobbing. John and Edward Grimes, who rose to fame in 2009 on The X Factor, shared how they played mom Susanna’s favorite music and held her hand as she escaped last year, after losing her fight against cancer.

Speaking on The Late Late Show to host Ryan Tubridy, the 28-year-old twins have revealed their grief at not having their mother for their most important life events.

“Our mother, five years ago, found out that she had had leukemia and had failed the disease on the same day. It was a bit too much. The problem was, Mum just kept on living her life, ”said Edward.

John and Edward lost mother Susanna to cancer last year

“We were there when she came by and were able to hold her hand. We listened to Fleetwood Mac.

Her brother John has spoken of the pain of losing Susanna and sympathized with grieving families who are unable to say their final farewells due to coronavirus restrictions.

“Right now my heart goes out to anyone who cannot go to a funeral,” he said.

“It’s very disheartening to think that she won’t be at our weddings, won’t meet our kids, but we still keep her spirit alive. “

The twins spoke of their mother’s last moments before she walked away

The twins then performed a moving take on REM’s Everybody Hurts, which they dedicated to Susanna.

The heartwarming song made many viewers cry, with a tweet: “Jedward is the cutest person. Thanks for talking about important issues. Their performance was so moving that I still cry. ”

Another wrote: “I am literally crying John and Edward were so wonderful in the interview and this live coverage dedicated to Mum Jedward moved me so much that I felt she had so much love and respect for our people. angels. ”

And a third said, “Hey, why am I crying at Jedward’s interview on Late Late?” They are national treasures, I will not hear opposing arguments. ”

It comes after the twins grabbed the headlines for their furious reaction to people refusing to wear masks in public.

Fans were left in tears at their moving performance, which they dedicated to Susanna

They clashed with the Corr’s Jim Corr in August when he sent out tweets supporting a crowd of 6,000 protesters who marched through Dublin to complain about the new mandatory face covering rules.

They raged: “Dear Dublin anti-mask demonstration! Get the shit inside your selfish lives sincerely lower the rest of the country. ”

“When your main message is wrong, you have no legs to stand on! There is only one right in this fight against Covid so don’t even try to question it! Change your attitude and be in tune with the times.

Jim found himself targeted by the guys after sharing footage of the protest – sparking a fun exchange of conflicting opinions, peppered with references to the Corrs song catalog.

“G’wan left Covid all over the country breathless because of your silly behavior @Jimcorrsays,” they told him.

Jim responded by tweeting, “Shut up, you fools, and develop a brain between you. ”

The twins pulled back wildly, “Why don’t you go and ‘Runaway’ and FYI your sisters never needed you, please leave the group.”


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