Jamie Roberts talks in detail about his coronavirus diagnosis and the one team he really wants to face


Jamie Roberts spoke in depth for the first time about his experience with the coronavirus, with Wales recounting how people changed their behavior towards him after he was released from quarantine.The Dragons Center tested positive for Covid-19 last month, then spending 10 days in isolation.

But with details of his condition surfacing to media via a leak, the 33-year-old found his fellow citizens reacting differently when they were at his company.

“People change their behavior when they’re around you,” he told the official Guinness PRO14 podcast, The Late Hit, hosted by Darren Cave, with regular guests James Hook and John Barclay.

“During that first week after quarantining, I went out into the free world again and lots of people came to me on the streets, asking me, ‘Shouldn’t you be isolating yourself? or “can I get closer to you?”

“It changes the behavior of people towards you.”

Roberts reiterated his belief that his name shouldn’t have been placed in the public arena in the first place. “I was disappointed that this was made public. You think it’s your confidential health information, ”he says.

“It was frustrating.

” It is what it is. If they’ve handled this in the public interest – think it’s in the public interest for someone to test positive. But I don’t think you need to mention any names.

Roberts said whether the players tested positive in the Gallagher Premiership of rugby or the Premier League in football there was an announcement as to how many people were involved, but no names were released, adding of what is to him happened: “I just thought my name was a little wrong. was put there.

Illness forced ex-Cardiff Blue to miss the Dragons’ August games against the Ospreys and Scarlets.

Fortunately, in her case, the condition did not persist.

The 6-foot-4 center made a quick return to training with the Dragons and has since been busy preparing for his club’s European Challenge Cup quarter-final against Bristol one week on Friday.

But he remains puzzled as to when and where he caught the virus in the first place.

“I have no idea where I got it from,” he says.

“I spent a long weekend in Croatia with friends the previous weekend. None of those I was with tested positive. No one around me, not even my partner, has tested positive.

“Fair play, the Welsh Rugby Union has a brilliant testing process. Everyone comes in, you take your test and get your result back within 24 hours. This Thursday after I got back… I got a call on Friday night from the medical director, saying, “Yeah, you tested positive.

“As much as obvious logic would suggest I picked him up in Croatia, I could have taken him off a gas pump in Reading as well.

“The fact that none of my friends understood him seems to suggest the latter.

“I was relatively asymptomatic.

“I was very lucky to have tested because I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I felt good. I really had no symptoms. So, yeah, I did my 10 days (isolation), did another test, then I tested negative, and I was back in training with the guys.

Roberts appears to have wasted no time settling down with the Dragons, describing the team as having huge potential, saying it was “pretty scary, actually.”

He says he will make a call on his future in late spring, but has not ruled out returning to the Stormers, the South African Super Rugby team he was with before returning to Wales, and fight for a spot against the Lions next summer.

“We were in discussions to play another season there, as Super Rugby runs from January to June,” he said.

“So we already had conversations about that year and we were playing against the Lions.

“It’s an incredible opportunity if I had the chance.

“It would be pretty cool and if I had the chance to do it, it would be huge.

“I told the coach I was crazy to play with it.

“He’s a great guy, John Dobson.

“We’ll see what happens.

“That this Lions tour continues, in a country like South Africa, that we have a vaccine – there are a lot of unanswered questions and it’s hard for people to plan.

“My contract with the Dragons is until the end of June, and the tour opener is in early July.

” We will see.

“I just hope the tour continues. I have a lot of buddies who want to go and buddies who organize tours and stuff and it’s just chaos, with people pulling out and not sure if they should commit. It is really difficult to plan any kind of trip, especially to a country like South Africa in the next six to 12 months.


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