James Jordan of Strictly in Political Correctness goes wild after same-sex couple’s first news


Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan embarked on a scathing rant where he accused the country of “bowing to political correctness”.The 42-year-old professional dancer, who left Strictly from the BBC in 2013, sparked a backlash on social media after saying Britain had become an ’embarrassing country’.

Her furious criticism came hours after it was revealed Olympian Nicola Adams would become the first contestant to dance in a same-sex couple.

The ‘groundbreaking’ decision to pair two dancers has been widely praised on social media, with stars like Stacey Dooley saying it was long overdue.

James Jordan instead shared the relentless criticism on his Twitter profile on Wednesday.

While he doesn’t specifically link his post to Strictly’s announcement, many followers have made a connection.

James Jordan, the former professional dancer of Strictly Come Dancing, took to Twitter

“Random Rant. We have become a scared and embarrassing little country bowing to political correctness #f *** offPCbrigade, ”James wrote.

In a second Tweet, he explained what he was talking about – which he said was ‘everything’.

“My last tweet was actually very generic, but I love how many of you are drawing conclusions about what I was saying.

James didn’t look too happy

He then clarified what frustrated him

“It wasn’t just one thing… it’s all these days. It must be my age. ”

He followed up on the Tweets with two more remarks in which he criticized people for “being offended by EVERYTHING” before talking about “pathetic snowflakes”.

A rep for James Jordan told us his tweets were not about Strictly.

The Strictly star launched a furious social media criticism

Come dance strictly 2020

This year, Nicola Adams will make history by dancing in the shows of the first gay partnership throughout the competition.

An insider said last night: “This is such an exciting step for us to take, and many feel it is overdue.

“We’ve been talking about it for so long, to see it finally happen is really revolutionary and quite moving.”

It is not known which professional dancer will join Nicola.

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