Jadon Sancho shows big transfer problem at Liverpool as Jurgen Klopp and Rhian Brewster reflect on next step


Liverpool beat Leeds this weekend, Mohamed Salah scoring three. How good is it and is it still underrated? Salah has always been exceptional since arriving in Merseyside – I would find it hard to see how he could be underestimated. In fact, he is a victim of his own success. His first season at Liverpool was so extraordinary that he still lives up to those standards – which can be difficult to replicate in every season.

Of course, it has seen droughts and rough times in recent years, but that is to be expected. His general level has remained fairly constant and the records he continues to break are proof of this.

Defensively, it was a little less promising for Liverpool. Is this a problem, and what can Jurgen Klopp do?

It is certainly a concern that we concede more goals. The conversations we have had over the past two seasons have been about our strength at the back. We were able to frustrate teams and often they were reluctant to move forward for fear of our quick transition game and clinical attack.

The weaknesses of the defense are starting to come to light, and the unusual mistakes of key players are not helping. The rivals will have watched how easy it was for Leeds to cut our backline. These are goals that you don’t expect this Liverpool side to concede and the more teams think they can be happy to attack, the more worrying it is for us.

Guess the good thing is how powerful our offense is and if the opponents go up against this team that only creates more chances and you would like them to outsmart anyone.

Really, this should be a problem that can be fixed on the training ground. After all, it’s the same defense that was previously considered the best in the league – they just need to get that rhythm and stability back.

Rhian Brewster wasn’t even on the bench for the game. Does that indicate a potential exit for him, and would that be the right choice?

I’m sure there is no shortage of clubs interested in talent like Rhian Brewster, whether it’s for a loan or a permanent move. He impressed at Swansea last season and it’s no secret how much he is appreciated by everyone at the club.

His problem is that he is fighting for a place in one of the best and most consistent top three forward in the world that even someone like Jadon Sancho would have a hard time getting into while Salah, Mane and Firmino are still. at the club.

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A permanent move can be a good option, especially if a buyout clause is built into the deal. For the player, a Premier League club would likely be the next stage in his development, but like anyone at this point in his career, getting the minutes and experience on the pitch is crucial – so it would have to be the right one decision.

Frank Lampard was left “amused” by Klopp’s criticisms of his spending this week. Lampard called him “arrogant” a few weeks ago. Are we about to see (re) emerge a new rivalry?

Klopp wasn’t necessarily incorrect in his comments: Chelsea have spent a lot, but their financial situation and the way they are run are completely different from that of FSG-owned Liverpool.

Lampard, too, was not wrong to point out how expensive Klopp’s side are – with players like Van Dijk, Alisson and Fabinho added to the ranks in recent years. The difference is that Chelsea have spent a lot this summer, when we haven’t, and I think that’s what the Reds boss was trying to do.

I don’t think this is a blow to Chelsea, but it further underscores the fact that they are able to spend during these turbulent times – when we need to take a more careful and thoughtful approach.

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Klopp doesn’t seem to me to be the type of manager who has a bitter rivalry; only respectful and competitive rivalries – as with Pep Guardiola. The media certainly seem to be pushing this; managers will only answer questions that are put to them.

There are three weeks left in the transfer window. What more should Liverpool do in the market?

With just one signing it was another calm summer for Liverpool. I think we would have seen a few more new faces if a global pandemic hadn’t rocked the whole world and caused significant revenue losses for football clubs across the country.

It’s no secret how much we’ve lost with closed-door matches and the financial blow we’ve suffered since March. Timo Werner would probably be in red, not blue, if things were going normally.

But, there is still time and with question marks still hanging over the future of a number of senior players, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a little more activity before the 5 October.

If Gini Wijnaldum does manage to move to Barcelona, ​​a replacement will need to be signed. Especially with the injury records of Naby and Ox. The likes of Xherdan Shaqiri, Loris Karius, Marko Gruijc and Harry Wilson could all be sold, freeing up space in the squad.

Ideally, Thiago Alcantara is the only deal Liverpool fans are asking for, especially at the price we’re talking about. I don’t see how we wait until January or beyond if we want to; Bayern want to sell and if we don’t make an offer another team will.

Dejan Lovren has yet to be replaced, although it looks like Klopp may look to use his current squad’s options to replace him if necessary. But, again, Matip and Gomez don’t have the best injury records and we always seem to find ourselves running out of center-backs in the intense winter spell, it happened the last two seasons. Now we’re a short so it would make sense to bring someone else in if finances allow.

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Any other business?

I want to see more of Takumi Minamino. He was unhappy that he didn’t get any minutes against Leeds, especially with his performance throughout the pre-season.

I think he could really shine this campaign and play a crucial role in our title defense – I just hope he gets the chance.


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